Velo-City Sevilla 2011 - 23,24 et 25 mars

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Velo-City Sevilla 2011 - 23,24 et 25 mars


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The City Council of Seville (Spain) is honoured by the international recognition derived from the city housing a global event as important as Velocity in 2011.

In a very short time, and that has been a key factor, we have combined our economic efforts with a firm, decisive policy aimed at developing road interventions, sectoral programmes and strong policies to foster cycling in the city. So much so that, in just 3 years, according to studies conducted at the end of 2009, we have gone from 6,000 daily uses to more than 66,000. We are still far from other admirable examples, from which we continue to learn, but we are confident that we have established the bases for Seville to become a member of the club of cycling-friendly cities, making for happier citizens, and there is no going back.

I invite you to visit us and see how, in a city in the southernmost area in Europe, it is also possible to invert priorities in favour of sustainable transport and make a significant contribution to the necessary battle against climate change."



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